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Skilled Labour Hire

The construction industry functions on the skills and work done by a strong, dependable, and experienced workforce. Whether it is a residential building, a commercial structure, or a civil utilities project, hiring skilled labour is the key to success. Hiring the right people for the right jobs can be challenging. This is where Abyss Construction reliable labour-hire services come to your assistance.  

Abyss is a construction company that offers you the whole package. We understand the importance of the right workforce and have maintained a well-rounded team of professionals. We specialize in providing reliable and competent labour to meet any construction requirement. Our people are creative minds who go the extra mile to add more value to your project wherever they can.

From single staff for a day job to a whole team of workers for a long-term project, we are here to help. Our subcontract labour-hire services are flexible to meet the specific requirement of each of our clients. Our staff is fully trained and equipped to meet every construction-related need with dedication and skill. We have the experience, knowledge, skill, and commitment to go all the way. 

At Abyss, we take pride in our employees’ skills and work ethic. With an aim to develop the best labour base in the country, our focus on quality, efficiency, and contentment of our staff is unparalleled. A happy workforce is a productive workforce, and a productive workforce is just what the construction industry needs today.

What our skilled workforce offers you

Our recruitment team at Abyss is committed to ensuring that the right individuals are matched with each job on your project. With an understanding that every project has varied requirements, we are focused on ensuring we are ready to meet them. Our skilled workforce is driven by the desire to deliver efficient, timely, and quality results.

Here’s what you can expect from our competent workforce.

  • Personalized attention to each and every project that is undertaken
  • Taking initiatives to go above and beyond their job role to add value to your project
  • Excellent communication skills to ensure clear and precise interaction
  • Teamwork at the job site to ensure an engaged and supportive work environment
  • A passion for the construction business that converts into high-quality labour
  • Dedication and commitment to deliver the best results every single time
  • A high work ethic that breeds integrity and honesty in every task

Our carefully selected workforce personnel are groomed to be the best version of themselves. We look for people with a thirst to learn and improve on their skill sets. A passionate and dedicated workforce leads to high levels of productivity, and ultimately to the successful implementation of your project. 

Our Labour Hire process

Our recruiting consultants handle staffing services with precision and attention to detail. We always identify applicants of the highest calibre to ensure you’re getting the best service. Our selection process includes the following checks.

  • Understanding employee skills via extensive interviews
  • Targeted questions to judge an employee’s ability to fit into the job role
  • Aptitude tests to ascertain compatibility with the relevant industry
  • Background checks including past work experience and character checks
  • Reference verification
  • Inspecting an applicant’s tickets to ensure it is current and up-to-date
  • Verifying the candidate’s compliance with labour laws and other licensing systems

Our verification and selection processes are meticulously executed by our staffing consultants. With an in-depth understanding of job requirements, they are fully qualified to assess which candidate fits which role. We also understand what our potential employees look for in a job. We match the staff and client requirements to make it a perfect fit for both parties.

Abyss Labour Hire – get it done now and get it done right

Our team at Abyss has years of construction experience under its belt. With this knowledge and understanding of the construction business, we recognize that staffing solutions need to be quick and reliable. We provide labour of the right skill, at the right time, and for the right price. 

We offer all the construction personnel and tradespeople needed to get your job done. From project managers who can handle any situation to hard-working labourers, we have it all. Here are the staffing options we provide to take your project to successful completion.

  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Efficient Supervisors
  • Highly Skilled Formwork Carpenters
  • Highly Skilled Building Carpenters
  • Accomplished Concreters
  • Dedicated Labourers
  • Qualified Trades Assistants
  • Competent Elevated Work Platform Operators

Every operator and employee from Abyss is fully qualified to work on your construction site. We ensure complete compliance with labour laws via police clearance and drug screening checks. Our workforce is also up-to-date with the current nationally accredited work tickets. 

Why choose Abyss’ skilled labour workforce?

Staffing and recruitment are one of the most crucial, and subsequently, one of the most difficult jobs. Assessing candidates, understanding skillsets, verifying backgrounds, and ensuring that everything is in order can be quite a troublesome task. This is where we at Abyss pride ourselves on our staffing solutions. 

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in handling staffing and labour-hire. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll handle all the hard work! Our labour consultants have extensive backgrounds in construction trades and with it an understanding of precise requirements. We are dedicated to the goal of getting our staffing solutions absolutely right. As such, we guarantee that we’ll select the right person with the right skills for every job, every time.

Our labour workforce consists of hand-picked, high-performing individuals with the drive to succeed. Without a strong workforce, machinery, business processes, and plans are adrift. Team up with our qualified labour hire services to give your project the right direction and boost.  Reach out to us without hesitation for the most skilled labour you can find in the country. Our team is here to assist you with all your staffing requirements. 

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