Project Description

Install structural hoarding incorporating Gantry crane, Pile and excavate 8.5 meters below platform height and break through tunnel wall (750 mm) to existing Olympic tunnel, Install new stair, FRP, Blockwork, Water proofing, Drainage, Service ducting, paint, handrails Safety compliance to public areas etc. to provide new pedestrian access to platform.

Project Constraints

Working on live platforms where an estimated 750,000 people pass each day. The Airport lines which are the platforms with the highest daily volume is where we worked.

Central station is a heritage listed building with little or no original drawings off in ground services or footings, walls etc.

All materials & tools had to be brought to platform at night via HiRail plaint (loaded/unloaded within 2 hr track passion time frame) Abyss designed and made light weight, HiRail lorry loading ramps and used electric pallet jacks to increase productivity. 420m3 of excavated soil came out of each platform via these night time passions without incident.

Olympic Stair Construction

Sydney Metro

Central Station Sydney

New South Wales

Laing O’Rourke

Infrastructure – Rail

$ 990 million

$ 4.5 million

Services Provided

  • Platform prep Inc. furniture removal.
  • Hoarding & paint.
  • Concrete cutting.
  • Pile caps installation.
  • Excavate Inc. rock breaking and breaking into existing tunnel wall.
  • Grout pump/shotcrete between piles.
  • Install drainage.
  • Laying, reinforcing and filling of hollow core blockwork.
  • Form Rio pour of access stairs Inc columns, beams and suspended deck.
  • Precast installation.
  • Paint, handrail, signs, stair noising, tiling, furniture installation etc.

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