Project Description

ACT Light Rail Stage 2 is a light rail (tram) project which will run from the Canberra CBD to Wooden in the South, via the Parliamentary Triangle. There are 13 stops along the 12 km track including a terminus at each end of the route. This will provide an extension to the Stage 1 line, which already runs from the Canberra CBD to Gungahlin in the North.

The line will be 10.7 km long, with 12 new stops along the route.
Due to the significant planning approval process required to construct light rail through the parliamentary triangle, Stage 2 has been split into 2 sections:

Section 2A: CBD to Commonwealth Park (1.7 km), including:

  • 3 light rails stops;
  • Expansion of Mitchell depot to stable and maintain additional trams new bridge over Parkes Way;
  • Raising London Circuit to the same level as Commonwealth Avenue.

Section 2B: Commonwealth Park to Woden (9 km), including:

  • 9 light rails stops;
  • New bridge over Lake Burley Griffin;
  • New bridges over intersecting roadways;
  • New pedestrian bridges; Wire-free running (no overhead wires) through the parliamentary triangle.

ACT Light Rail Stage 2

Canberra Metro Construction

Canberra, ACT

Australian Capital Territory


Infrastructure – Rail

$1.3 to $1.6 billion

$2.8 million

Our Scope of Works

  • FRP track slabs.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Creek crossings/bridges.
  • Light & traffic light footings kerbing and pavements.

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