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Civil Construction – What We Offer

Abyss is a civil construction company offering a wide range of services. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ requirements are catered to in every way. Our focus on quality and commitment to timely delivery is at the core of our work ethic. No matter what type of civil engineering task we undertake, we give it our 100% from start to finish.

The team at Abyss is loaded with years of on-site experience. They are fully capable of handling regular work and any contingencies that may arise with effortless ease. Our contractors work well with quantity surveyors, client personnel, estimators, and other construction workers. The team handling all of our civil construction work is the true strength of success. A civil company in the construction business requires such strength, and we at Abyss are proud to have it.

Here is a list of all the services we offer as a civil engineering company.

  • Earthworks – our contractors handle all earthworks tasks including drainage, dust suppression, land clearing, excavations, spoil cartage, pipe laying, and trenching.
  • Remediation – our experienced team is fully equipped to handle any type of remediation tasks. From non-toxic waste substances to hazardous waste cleansing, we’re at your service. Our team is also licensed for asbestos removal.
  • Road works – we have a highly capable civil works team to handle heavy civil construction such as road building, bitumen works. We also cater to smaller tasks such as repairing trenches and potholes.
  • Refurbishments – our civil contractors provide all types of renovation services from underground areas to wet zones and kitchen fittings.
  • Maintenance works – we handle maintenance works such as indoor carpentry for walls, doors, and windows. We also do lock repairs, interior replacements, and building maintenance work.
  • Underground construction – our contractors are experienced in building underground structures such as refuge shelters and storage areas.

As an experienced civil company, Abyss is focused on complete efficiency in areas of budget and schedule management. We always strive to remain on target and even reduce costs for our clients wherever possible.

Why choose Civil Contractors from Abyss Construction?

A civil construction company caters to several types of civil works. As such, a civil company requires a large team of qualified and experienced civil contractors who can carry out the multitude of tasks that come their way. Abyss Construction is one of the civil engineering companies in the country that offers not just all types of civil works but has a capable team to back that offer. We have specialist design engineers, supervisors, field workers, and structural engineers on staff, managed by our experienced contractors.

With this team as our anchor, Abyss is committed to providing only the best civil services to all our clients. Our emphasis on catering to your precise needs and delivering efficient services is what sets us apart from many others in the industry. We also utilize the latest tools and technologies to make our partnership with you smooth and efficient. Detailed structural analysis, smart construction, the conceptualization of designs, and 360-degree visualization are some of the modern tools that we use. Our contractors also provide regular updates to clients throughout the course of the project. 

Abyss offers you a dedicated, experienced and qualified team of civil contractors to cater to every type of civil work. From heavy civil construction to basic small civil construction, we do it all. As a civil construction company operating in a competitive industry, Abyss has earned a name for itself as a reliable and lasting partner of choice.

We understand the importance of getting civil services right, especially heavy civil construction. As a wholesome civil company, Abyss is always prepared to fulfil all your civil construction needs. Reach out to us today about any of your civil construction works. We guarantee you will find our team a perfect match for your project.

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