Burrill Lake Bridge Project

Project Description

A 290-metre-long, 15 span bridge spanning the lake on a new alignment to the east of the existing bridge 55 meter bridge. Roundabouts on either side of the crossing to connect the A1 Princes Main road to local roads.

A pedestrian and cycle path on the new bridge, connecting to new paths on both sides and linking to the Ulladulla cycle path. Pedestrian paths underneath both ends of the new bridge. There would be a total of five locations where pedestrians can safely cross the main road.

The new bridge and main road would be higher than the future 1 in 100 year flood level and reduce the impact of flooding. Complete removal of the existing causeway and bridge, 5000 tonnes of concrete used, 500 tonnes of steel used, 6000 meters of utility services installed.

Burrill Lake Bridge

Road and Marine Services (RMS)


Australian Capital Territory

BGC Contracting

Infrastructure – Road

$58 million

$2.3 million

Our Scope of Works:

  • Install bridge planks.
  • Install formwork tie steel, install cast ins and pour concrete to deck slabs.
  • Install parapets (with Abyss costume installation jig) and stitch pour to deck slab.
  • Install formwork, steel reinforcement, casting items and pour concrete to crash barriers.
  • Install guard rails on top of crash barriers and parapets.
  • Install suspended under mount bridge drainage system.
  • Install cast insitu drainage junction and pump pits.
  • Install formwork, steel reinforcement and pour concrete to roundabouts and footpath.

Service Provided:

  • Formwork design
  • Formwork supply and installation
  • Reinforcement installation
  • Concrete pouring

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