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About Us

Abyss Construction is a specialist construction company focused on delivering simple solutions to complex problems.

Why UsFounders

We provide FRP (Form, Reo, Pour) services to the mining, road and rail, government, energy, Defence, aviation and marine sectors.

The founders of Abyss Construction started the company because they wanted to make a difference on construction projects. They are focused on delivering work safely, with the right team using fit for purpose equipment.

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Why Us

Collaborative approach

Abyss Construction has earned an enviable reputation for innovative, intelligent person-centric project delivery. Clients return to Abyss Construction because they need a high quality, reliable and safe FRP contractor. We collaborate closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of the unique risks and opportunities associated with their sites. This enables us to customise a solution for individual projects. We are committed to actively engaging with our clients during the design stage to incorporate safe, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions into their plans. This collaborative approach is a key aspect of our consultancy services, and we take pride in offering it to our clients.


Meet Our Founders

Tim O’Connor, Patrick O’Sullivan and Cathal O’Braonian are veterans in the FRP industry. They bring over 50 years of collective experience. They discovered a major gap in the construction sector. Projects were not being delivered in a reliable, efficient and high-quality manner. Tim, Patrick and Cathal came together to be different; to deliver projects differently. They knew how to identify problems before they appear, come up with innovative solutions and safely deliver the project.



Tim brings 20 years of experience in construction and delivering successful projects. Tim understands the importance of creating positive relationships with clients and subcontractors to succeed. Working in a collaborative environment means all parties can solve challenges together. Tim’s attention to detail and pursuit of quality outcomes resonates throughout the business. He leads by example, which is the cornerstone to the success of Abyss Construction.



As one of the Directors of Abyss Construction, Patrick is motivated to complete projects to the highest quality, as safely as possible. He brings qualifications in carpentry, construction management, high-risk work and various machinery tickets. Patrick is a natural leader on a construction site. He brings 15 years of FRP experience and thrives on all projects, particularly complex ones requiring specialised solutions. Patrick mentors teams to achieve best in class results. Patrick is known for managing multiple work fronts, with teams of up to 150 people on occupied sites.



Over the last 17 years in the construction industry, Cathal has developed a reputation for solving the impossible. He is remarkable at analysing a client's objective and coming up with a workable methodology many others would not have thought possible. Cathal has a relentless work ethic and a quest for excellence. He will do whatever it takes to deliver a project on time, to the highest quality standard, and in the safest manner possible.

Abyss Construction is best in class.

We solve complex client requirements. We are safe, look after the environment and produce high quality outcomes.

Warringah Freeway Upgrade

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